The qualifiers are on for the South American FIFA World Cup 2026. Brazil has gained a win over Peru with a score of 1-0. Marquinhos was able to bag this goal for his team. As a result of their performance, Brazil has bagged six points from the two games they played. The game against Peru was in Lima where a single goal was scored by Marquinhos which helped them win the match.

It is fitting that Fernando Diniz is getting accolades and praise as he is currently the interim coach of the men’s football team of Brazil. Marquinhos, when he was interviewed after the win, admitted that much credit goes to the pleasant style of playing that their interim coach has put in for the team. He stated that Fernando has been talking about not exposing themselves on the field. All players need to occupy their positions and know the strategies to protect themselves.

With this philosophy in place, Brazil was able to make two wins from the two games they played in the qualifying rounds of the 2026 World Cup in South America. Brazil was also able to crush Bolivia with a score of 5-1. It was at a home match last Friday. It helped them move up the ranks though Argentina is still holding the top position. The game against Peru was heading towards a draw with no goals made on either side. However, Marquinhos was able to change that situation. The win for Brazil came by just as the 90 minutes were up. With Fernando’s guidance, they dominated possession of the ball and had opportunities to attack early in the game.

The qualifiers continue, and Brazil will be hosting Venezuela before they visit Uruguay for a match next month.