Brazil has managed to qualify for the knock-out stage by beating Serbia 2-0 and has now become the favorite to win the tournament. Indeed with the elimination of Germany, the Brazilian side seems to be the strongest side in this tournament and it will be a surprise that they do not lift the trophy in July.

However, the road to the final will not be easy and they will first have to beat Mexico in the next round. The Mexican has been impressive since the start of the tournament and they will be a tough opponent for the Brazilian side.

Mexico can boast itself of having a strong defence and combined with some fast counter-attacking players this can definitely cause problems for the Brazilian side. The Mexican has managed to beat Germany in their first match by 1-0 and they had numerous occasions to score but they failed to beat the German goalkeeper.

If they managed to get past Mexico then the next big opponent for Brazil will be most probably England. This could be an exciting game against one of the outsiders of the tournament. With players such as Kane, Dele Alli, and Sterling at the peak of their form, this could be a tough game for Brazil. However, with what we have seen so far from the South American side, they should not have a lot of problems to get through the quarter-final and reach the semi-final where in that case they might be facing the likes of Spain or France.

Brazil has one of the toughest roads to the final and they will have to focus and at their best if they want to win this World Cup. The players know what their fans expect of them and we are sure that they will give their best to erase the nightmare of the last World Cup.