Brazil can still feel the blow that they received from Germany on July 8 when the nations battled against each other and the home team succumbed to a shocking 7-1 defeat. It was a surprising result that almost anyone was not expecting to see.

Not only did the Brazilian team lost by such a large margin but they did it in their home turf in Brazil in front of their own fans and the Brazilian squad could never really manage to pick themselves up in that tournament as they later lost against Netherlands with a final scoreboard of 3-0 with Netherlands securing the 3rd spot of the worldwide tournament.

When the 2014 World Cup was over, Brazil has been playing a number of friendly matches as the team is preparing for their upcoming tournaments by facing off against other nations in friendly encounters and so far the Brazilian side has enjoyed picking up a series of positive results.

Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Japan are the nations that Brazil has defeated after the 2014 World Cup reached its end.

Brazil has managed to pull themselves back together with Felipe Scolari announcing his resignation and the return of Dunga seems like has been a positive change for the Brazilian squad having collected so many triumphs in the past few months.

The manager of Brazil, Dunga has announced a new set of guidelines and rules that his squad will have to obey during gathering including: lunches, dinners, team meetings or anything of that nature and this set of rules prohibits players on wearing earrings, flip-flops, hats and even mobile phones during training camps as well.

The guidelines also include a set of regulations that forbids anyone on leaving the table during meals and the captain has to be the first one to leave. According to Dunga, these guidelines will help the squad maintain a more harmonious relation in the squad and can also establish a disciplinary code of conduct in the team.