Before Brazil was eliminated from the 2014 World Cup after losing against Germany in the semifinals, the Brazilian team endured a tough match with Chile which concluded in a 1-1 scoreboard and the winners had to be decided through a penalty session where Julio Cesar emerged as the savior as the veteran goal-keeper saved 2 set-pieces as Brazil eventually came out as the winning team.

Brazil will be facing off once again with Chile on March 29 but this time around in a friendly match and according to the manager of the Brazilian national football team, Dunga stated that this upcoming encounter will be hugely important for him and squad as a way for them to prepare themselves for the challenges that awaits them in the year.

“The year of 2015 will be very important for us, when we will play the Copa America and the qualifiers for the World Cup will also get started. Playing against Chile will be one more opportunity for the Brazilian National Team to get ready for the next challenges of this year.Brazil vs Chile is always a good game and I am sure that all fans will see a great show in London.” Brazil’s Dunga said.

Alexis Sanchez will be reuniting with his former Barcelona partner Neymar and the Chilean midfielder admitted in saying that it’s going to be an exciting match for him as he will be playing against some of the players he performed alongside with during his time as a player of Barcelona.

In the month of March, Brazil is also going to be playing against France in another friendly match and this allows Dunga to rotate his squad and test some of the younger players who haven’t really been used in the Brazilian national football team but they are eager on stepping it up and represent their country at the big stage which is the case of Philippe Countinho who was last called up by the Brazilian squad on August of 2014 as he played for a few friendly matches.