Ricardo Kaka and Ronaldinho Gaucho are 2 of the greatest Brazilian footballers in modern times.

Each one of them have lifted numerous titles with different clubs and with the Brazilian national football team as well.

They have experience in performing with big teams and winning some of the biggest pieces of silverware in the sport including the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Ronaldinho snatched the Ballon d´Or title in 2005 while Kaka got hold of it in 2007.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that they have collected during their respective playing career.

Even though neither Kaka nor Ronaldinho don’t really play a real significant role for the Brazilian national football team anymore as they have not played a competitive match for Brazil in a considerably long period of time, both of them still have an impact even if its outside of the actual pitch.

When they talk, people listen and both of them have recently had something to say concerning Tite´s impressive start as the head coach of Brazil.

Tite was selected as the new manager of the Brazilian national side on June of 2016 and has guided them to 8 successive FIFA World Cup 2018 qualification matches and have already qualified for the upcoming worldwide competition.

Ronaldinho is impressed by what Tite has accomplished but he has suggested to not put too much pressure on him as there still is a long road ahead.

"We have to be calm. We know that there is a long road ahead. During the World Cup it's going to be even more difficult. We have to support the team and not put too much pressure on them. I have been in this situation. In 2006 we had a very good team but we didn't perform as everybody had hoped. It's ok to create expectations but without too much pressure."

Ricardo Kaka on the other hand said that Brazil has recently been going a forgettable period of time after Germany destroyed them during the 2014 FIFA World Cup after the Brazilians lost 1-7 but with the appointment of Tite, things have taken a turn for the better.