Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has said that there is every possibility that star Brazilian midfielder Kaka could leave the club in the summer.

The former AC Milan midfielder joined the club for a world record fee of € 65 million three years ago, but he has struggled with injuries at the club since then. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined the club only a few weeks later than Kaka for an even bigger fee of £ 80 million, has firmly established himself as one of the greatest players at the club. It has led to Kaka being relegated to the bench, with the Brazilian has not been happy about.

There have been rumours in the last couple of seasons that Kaka could leave Real Madrid, but the club has persuaded with him up until now. However, manager José Mourinho has given the biggest hint that he could leave the club in the summer. Real Madrid have been recently linked with Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric, for whom they are willing to pay around £ 25 million. After having spent close to £ 200 million in the last two transfer windows, Real Madrid will be looking to balance the books by raising money by selling some of their players. Mourinho indicated that Kaka could be one of them.

"I am grateful to all the players for their contribution. He (Kaka) has played very good matches, others less good and others in which neither he nor I have come away satisfied. They have all participated in the league title and my way of thanking them is that all are welcome next season. But if one thinks that it is better not to stay and he is more interested in another project we will look at it," said Mourinho when asked about the future of Kaka.