Brazil continued their incredible form under Tite after securing a 3-0 win over Paraguay.

This win came just a few days after the impressive 4-1 win over Uruguay. These results have enabled Brazil to become the first team to qualify for the World Cup 2018. Since the former Corinthians manager came on as the replacement for Dunga after a disappointing Copa America, Brazil have not suffered a defeat in any competition. The 4-1 win over Uruguay is clearly the highlight of Tite’s time at the national team so far. Yet, he will be expected to achieve bigger things in the coming years.

Paris St Germain defender Marquinhos says that one of the defining qualities of the coach has been his ability to keep the feet on the ground even when there is a load of success. His humble nature has enabled the players to bring together their best without pressure from the inside. Prior to the arrival of Tite, the national team were heavily dependent on Neymar in order to get them through the games.

This was one of the primary disadvantages of the team during the World Cup 2014, as they struggled when Neymar was suspended for the latter stages of the competition.

Marquinhos says that the team has become much more collective in the effort, while goals are also coming in from various areas of the pitch."He always maintains a good level. Tite is a coach who likes to keep his feet on the ground and who likes to have a team whose feet are on the ground as well.He is a coach who likes to know why he won. So for you to win you have to be humble and respect the opponent, and to be able to respect the opponent it's hard work.It's giving your all on the pitch. It's having a good game and understanding why you won," said Marquinhos.