Neymar captained the Brazilian national squad during the 2016 edition of the Summer Olympics and the young superstar helped Brazil in winning their first Olympic Gold medal as they had never done it before.

When the international tournament was over, Neymar was asked about his experience in relation to how it was being the captain of Brazil and the Barcelona player replied by saying:

“It was an honor, something that I received with all my heart. This is one of the best things that has happened in my life. That’s it. Now the critics will have to eat their words.”Neymar said.

The former Santos performer also went on saying that he did not ever want to be the captain of Brazil again, it was a honor for him to do it but Neymar stated that it’s something which is not in his plans to ever do again.

However, according to the head coach of Brazil, Tite has recently stated that Neymar has requested to become the captain for the upcoming tournaments and competitions that Brazil is participating in.

‘’At the time, I asked him to let me know when he felt he had matured and ready to take it again. He's going to be the captain again. His youth doesn't bother me. I smile when people compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi as they are players from a different generation who have already reached their peak, while Neymar has not."Tite said.

From the looks of it, Tite does not have any problems with Neymar becoming a coach again but not everyone feels the same way as the Brazilian player is too young and supporters of Brazil believe that other performers deserve to wear the armband instead of someone who has not really shown any leadership abilities or anything at all that a player needs to inspire his team which are some of the major characteristics that a captain needs.