The police in Brazil has arrested a total of seven persons involved in match fixing in at least two state leagues, according to reports.

The police made the arrests as the persons involved were to be questioned further on their specific roles in the results’ manipulation.

The persons include players, coaches, agents and presidents of clubs in the second and third divisions of the Sao Paulo state championship, according to the police. The arrests were made as the police investigated reports of manipulation. The operation dubbed 'Operation Game Over' was in phases. The first phase, according to the investigating officer, is to stop those involved by arresting them, interrogating them to know the extent of the ring behind the fixing.

Those arrested in the raid on Wednesday are believed to be involved in the match fixing by working with the betting syndicates in Malaysia, China and Indonesia. The investigating officer said the investigations into the case began far back in early 2015 and that they would continue to investigate the cases in the Northern and North Eastern regions of the country. There are five regions in the country but the known clubs are in the South, which are more developed

The match fixing has eaten deep but it is less severe now. Far back in 2005, a total of 11 games were replayed after one of the top referees was revealed to have accepted reward from betting syndicates. Not too long ago, the country’s lawmakers started the process of introducing a new legislation that would set up a regulatory framework for gaming even though any form of betting remains banned. There is another bill that seeks to legalize gambling of all forms, including online platforms. All these are just attempts at combating the action that has huge implications.