The man who is responsible on deciding which players will be representing Brazil for the 2014 World Cup as well as selecting which formation would be better depending on the teams they have to face, Felipe Scolari is optimistic that his team will take home the World Cup title.

"We are playing at home, we have the fans on our side and a team which is competitive and has a lot of quality. We have everything that allows us to be the best team. That's why I fully trust that we can make it to the final and be the champion." Scolari said.

Brazil will be going into the 2014 World Cup with high spirits after they secured the Confederations Cup last year with Neymar being awarded with the Golden Ball after a number of impressive performances as he helped Brazil on winning the trophy with 5 consecutive victories.

The Brazilian squad won the 2002 World Cup and according to Scolari, during that time they weren’t nearly as optimistic or energized as they are now.

"We didn't have a squad ready at the time, so I said that if we finished among the final four teams it would have had to be considered a good result. Now I'm playing in Brazil, in front of my people, I have the 12th player fans on my side. If I can't say that we are good, that we have a lot of quality and that we have good players, then there's nothing I should be doing here." Scolari added.

Julio Cesar will be the designated goal-keeper for Brazil and he will be spending the next few months preparing himself to take part in the upcoming World Cup by playing at Toronto FC. The deal between Queens Park Rangers and Toronto FC is expected to be done in the next few weeks.