Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has spoken about the possibility of winning the World Cup 2014, which will be held in Brazil. The World Cup returns to the South American continent and there is high expectation that Brazil will be the champions due to the home support. However, this can also be negative aspects for the team since they will be feeling the pressure of the 200 million supporters in front of them. Scolari has the experience of previously lifting the World Cup title with Brazil. This time around, he has named a relatively young team for the competition.

As the tournament kicks off on June 12 against Croatia, Scolari is focused on winning the title. The Brazilian national team starts the tournament as the clear favourites since they also have a relatively easy group. Scolari has already talked about the fans support and he has once again tried to bring them to his side by saying that the fans will be acting as the 12th man for the team. This will give them a distinct advantage compared to the likes of Spain and Germany, who also have to acclimatise to the surroundings.

Brazil World Cup will have different climates between the north and the south of the country, which could pose a trouble for newcomers. “Some say that I'm a populist, but we are playing at home, we have the fans on our side and a team which is competitive and has a lot of quality. We have everything that allows us to be the best team. That's why I fully trust that we can make it to the final and be the champion. Now I'm playing in Brazil, in front of my people, I have the 12th player (fans) on my side. If I can't say that we are good, that we have a lot of quality,” said Scolari.